Housing for Heroes - Affordable Housing Initiative

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Housing Assistance for Heroes - Affordable Housing Initiative

Atlanta’s firefighters and EMTs face one of the most critical housing crises in our nation. As interest rates climb year over year and affordable housing inventory continues to disappear, our city’s first responders are less likely to achieve the ultimate American dream….homeownership.

In the past, Atlanta firefighters traveled from homes as far away as Tennessee and Alabama. Rising gas prices, traffic, and other emergencies can impact firefighters’ ability to travel into the city for their shift.  Housing for Heroes, a program offered by Atlanta Fire Rescue Foundation, is a powerful recruitment and retention tool for the Atlanta Fire Rescue Department as they address a 14% vacancy rate.

Housing for Heroes is an affordable housing program established with seed funding from CityScape and Bellwood Homes in 2022. Through the Atlanta Fire Rescue Foundation, firefighters and EMTs can qualify for a one-time gift of $5,000.00* to put toward down payment and closing costs. Funds will be administered directly to the closing attorney via wire transfer.

Living in Georgia will make it easier for firefighters to be on the job when they need to be. More importantly, it will provide them with the stability and security that comes from owning your own home.

To qualify for assistance through Housing for Heroes, firefighters and EMTs must:

  • have a home with an established closing date within 45 days of time of application,
  • complete their sworn/firefighter probationary period,
  • be buying a primary residence,
  • be buying a home in Metro Atlanta as defined by the Atlanta Regional Comisssion,
  • be in good standing at time of their application and when payment is issued,
  • not have purchased a home in the last three years,
  • apply the $5,000 to their down payment or closing cost, and
  • remain employed with AFRD for a minimum of five years after assistance is granted

Please note: The Housing for Heroes program is subject to change based on needs assessments and available funding at the time of application

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