Tuition Assistance Program

FF. Corey Slaughter Gradutes with Bachelor in Science

AFRD's Tuition Assistance Program 

Ever wonder why the Atlanta Fire Depatment responds to medical emergencies? Every Atlanta firefighter is an EMT. Many are paramedics. They are first on the scene because they are trained to do more than protect your property. They are trained to protect your life.

It’s not easy to become an Atlanta Firefighter and EMT. The education and training required to graduate from the Fire Academy are best-in-class and take over 10 months to complete. And, that’s just the beginning.

 As the fire and emergency medical industry continues to change and evolve, every member of AFRD must be up to date on best practices. While staff completes over 240 hours of training each year, many first responders want to go beyond what is required. A post-secondary education helps provide them with the skills and knowledge they need to navigate a high stress environment while advancing their careers and keeping Atlantans safe.

To support firefighters’ educational journey, the Atlanta Fire Rescue Foundation's Scholarship Fund, known as the Tuition Assistance Program to our members, provides an average of $45,000 in scholarships each year for a total of over $217,890 since 2016. Scholarships cover over 80% of tuition cost for firefighters pursuing associate, bachelors and masters degrees. In addition to a diploma, these firefighting graduates are eligible for a 7 to 10% incentive pay and career advancement promotions.

Atlanta firefighters don’t have to choose between college and career. Thanks to the Tuition Assistance Program, they can have both. When you support a firefighter’s education, you are changing the arc of someone’s life. Not only are you providing opportunities for a firefighter to continue his education, you are assuring a highly-skilled trained professional answers the call when someone in Atlanta needs their help. As fire and rescue departments compete for top talent, the Tuition Assistance Program not only draws professionals to Atlanta Fire Rescue Department, but helps keep them here.

To make a gift that helps members of the Atlanta Fire Rescue Department pursue their education and achieve their potential, please contact Shirley Anne Smith at

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