For AFRD Members

For AFRD Members

Community-Centered Tuition Assistance Program

Our foundation values the importance of academics and wants to offer our sworn and civilian members an opportunity to further their education through our community-centered tuition assistance program.

Eligibility Details

The following requirements must be met for eligibility purposes:

  • Must have completed ARFD employment probationary period;
  • Not under any disciplinary probation of suspension at the application
  • submission or dispersion of funds;
  • Employee is working toward a degree from a university regionally accredited through the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA);
  • Must maintain a minimum 2.00 current and 3.00 overall GPA;
  • Must be applying for the semester before the deadline date
  • Employee must agree to remain employed by AFRD for two years immediately following the last disbursement payment
  • Transcripts and itemized statements must be provided at the time of application

Annual Application Deadlines

  1. January 31st
  2. June 30th
  3. September

Schedule of Fund Disbursement

  1. March 1st
  2. August 1st
  3. October 15th

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